The 2022 NLC-RISC Trustees Conference was held in Pittsburgh, PA from May 11 -13 at the Omni William Penn Hotel. We celebrated our return to in-person conferences and NLC-RISC’s 40th Anniversary.

General Session Presentations

40 Years of Leadership And COnnection

40 Years Of Leadership & Connection

Bo Joseph, Director of Legal Services, TMLIRP

Carol Wilmes, Director of Member Pooling Programs, AWC

Chris Krepcho, Director of Insurance Services, FMIT

Dan Greensweig, Administrator, LMCIT

Erin Rian, Chief Operating Officer, NLC Mutual

Understanding Municipal Cybersecurity Threats And Risk Mitigation Strategies

Understanding Municipal Cybersecurity Threats & Risk Mitigation Strategies

Bryan Leaird, Deputy Executive Director, NCLM

Joe Howland, Chief Information Security Officer, VC3

Ryan Draughn, Director of Information Technology, NLC Mutual

Reclaiming CiVil Public Engagement and Discourse

Reclaiming Civil Public Engagement and Discourse

Leila Brammer, PhD, Executive Director, Parrhesia Center for Public Discourse, University of Chicago

Concurrent Session Presentations – Day 1

Newer Trustees Orientation

Newer Trustees Orientation

Bo Joseph, Director of Legal Services, TMLIRP

Dan Greensweig, Administrator, LMCIT

Law Enforcement Liability

Law Enforcement Liability in Current Times

David J. MacMain, Managing Partner, MacMain Connell & Leinhauser, LLC

Creating a strong Workforce

Creating a Strong Workforce for the Future of Your Pool

David Demchak, President and Chief Executive Officer, CIRMA

Janie McCollister, HR Manager, CIS

Pamela Keyes, Senior Vice President of Business Intelligence & Risk Management, CIRMA

Patrick Priest, Executive Director, CIS

Federal Advocacy and U.s. Supreme Court Update

Federal Advocacy and U.S. Supreme Court Update

Lisa Soronen, Executive Director, State and Local Legal Center

Carolyn Berndt, Legislative Director, Sustainability, National League of Cities

Health And Wellness

Health & Wellness Sessions

Maintaining Sustainability of Public Servants in Turbulent Times: Supporting the Humans Behind the Mission

Rhonda Kelly, Executive Director, All Clear Foundation

The Possibilities and Promise of Virtual Healthcare

Prentiss Taylor Jr., MD, FACP, Vice President, Included Health


Real-World Cyber Threats and Cyber Hygiene for Cities

Marc Bleicher, CTO, Surefire Cyber

Hard Market

Between a Rock and a Hard Market

Embry Nichols, Vice President of Underwriting and Internal Services, Public Entity Partners

Jill Eaton, President and CEO, NLC Mutual

Joe Damiata, Director, Risk Management Services, VLCT

Concurrent Session Presentations – Day 2

socially Responsible Investing

Sustainability, ESG, and Socially Responsible Investing: Examining Facts, Fictions, and Misconceptions to Promote Better Decision-Making

Dan Smereck, Managing Director, Strategic Asset Alliance, Inc.

Stan Corcoran, Executive Vice President, MIIA

Establishing Captives

Pool Innovations: Establishing Captives to Address Unique Risks

Bob Gagliardi, Senior VP, Head of Captive Management, AIG

Carol Wilmes, Director of Member Pooling Programs, AWC

Chris McKenna, Vice President & Actuary, NLC Mutual

Erin Rian, Chief Operating Officer, NLC Mutual

Racial Equity

How Racial Equity May Improve Fiscal Health and Well-Being for All Residents

Shawna Davie, Director, Race, Equity and Leadership, National League of Cities

Engaging Website

The Importance of Developing an Updated, Engaging, and Accessible Website for Your Pool

Heather Roberts, Director of Information Services, IMWCA

Wendy Parker, Executive Director, HealthTrust

Property Values

Values Matter: Why Accurate Property Values Are Crucial to Governmental Pools

Embry Nichols, Vice President of Underwriting and Internal Services, Public Entity Partners

Halie Gallik, Director of Communications & Research, Public Entity Partners

Communication Practices

Communication Practices to Avert Liability and Focus on Success

Aimee Gourlay, JD, Collaboration Services Manager, LMCIT